UFC 119 - Frank Mir Vs Mirko Cro Cop - Worst UFC E

2017-10-20 18:43

When you put down $50 to watch a UFC pay per view event, you never know what you are going to get. It could be an exciting time for everyone that watches or another circus like Anderson Silva gave us during his recent fight with Demian Maia. UFC 119 was something totally different. It was horrendous and brutal to watch beyond anything any other.

The only fight worth watching was Sean Sherk vs Even Dunham. These two athletes put on a real show and gave it their all. Although the fight wasn't finished, it was three rounds of nonstop action with Dunham clearly winning the stand up war and Sherk clearly winning the ground and pound. It seemed pretty obvious to anyone watching that Sherk won the first round. Then Dunham spent the next two rounds keeping the fight where it was clearly to his advantage - on his feet.

In my eyes, Dunham won the next two rounds decisively, but it wasn't seen that way in the eyes of the judges. When it came time for the judges to make a decision, the win went to Sean Sherk by a split decision. The crowd didn't seem to approve of the judges decision as it was difficult to hear Sean Sherk's comments to Joe Rogan above the boos of the crowd.

Now we move to the man event where I'm expecting to see an all out war between jiu-jitsu expert Frank Mir and legendary kicker Mirko Cro Cop. What I got was 2 1/2 rounds of these men doing something that resembled dancing with one another. By the middle of the second round I received a text message from another one of my friends that was watching asking, "Do you think these guys are going to kiss?". Finally with less than 2 minutes on the clock, Frank Mir had obviously lured Cro Cop to sleep with 2 1/2 rounds of dancing and hugging and snuck in a hard knee that sent Cro Cop to sleep.

During the post fight press conference, Frank Mir admitted that he realized his performance wasn't what the fans wanted to see, but added he felt a crappy win was better than a crappy loss. Maybe Frank Mir is right, but I'd like to add my own bit of wisdom. Not purchasing a UFC event and missing a good fight is better than purchasing an event and seeing this type of lackluster boring performance. I'll be more careful and pick and choose which events I purchase and which ones I don't.